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Kids Gardening

About Us

Natural Play Children's Centre is a boutique, purpose built early learning centre that opened in 2015. We are licensed to care for and educate 25 children per day, aged 1-6 years. Our centre is staffed well over ratio with a highly qualified team of educators led by a university-trained teacher.


We like to practice our name at “Natural Play” - we encourage our children to interact with their natural environment, controlling the pace of their own learning and inspiring their curiosity to guide their experiences. We recognise that children are born with amazing potential: a drive to understand, the ability to wait, to wonder and to be amazed, the capacity to express themselves in many ways and the desire to form relationships with others and with the physical world. This is what we strive to honour and to nurture within each child that joins our family at Natural Play!

Our Philosophy


We believe

- Children deserve to be surrounded by beauty, softness, and comfort, as well as order and attention to safety.

- Childhood is a time of wonder and magic, where dreams and imaginations are fuelled, and identities are explored.

- Children bring with them a powerful drive to learn and learn best when they are offered interesting materials, ample time, and opportunity to investigate, transform and invent.

- Children have active bodies and a desire for adventure, and they have the right to show adults how powerful and competent they are.

- Children experience a wide range of feelings. They deserve to express these feelings and to be respected.

We will

- Provide an environment that is inclusive of all children and which allows for full participation regardless of age or abilities.
- Advocate for and uphold the rights of each child in line with the Code of Ethics and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child



We believe

- Families are children’s first and most influential teachers and collaboration is a vital component of their learning.

We Will

- Strive to develop and maintain open and collaborative partnerships with all families and actively encourage their participation within the service.
- As a team of educators, seek to establish personal and respectful relationships with children and their families to enable us to develop relevant learning experiences for each child throughout the year.


We believe

- In promoting an anti-bias curriculum that allows children to learn about various cultures and traditions in our community, including ATSI


We Will

- Encourage active community involvement in our centre, whilst providing for the changing needs of the local community



We believe

- In providing natural environments and resources that reflect and promote a love and respect for nature. Awakening in each child an ingrained appreciation of their natural surroundings, providing a platform to becoming ambassadors for our planet.


We Will

- Integrate sustainable practices into all areas of the curriculum with environments filled with natural and recycled resources to deepen an understanding of recycling items in our everyday lives.


We believe

- Children bring with them to the program their own funds of knowledge which need to be taken seriously and explored fully.

- Engage children meaningfully in experiences that extend upon their interests, promote their desire for learning and spark their curiosity.


We Will

- Provide a curriculum based on the EYLF & NQF, which allows children to grow and develop their love of learning through high-quality teaching in readiness for a successful transition to school.


We believe

- In open, two-way communication with educators to establish sincere relationships within the team, which is foundational for continual growth, guidance, and support.

We Will

- Provide each of our educator’s various and continual opportunities to extend on their own learning journey through enriching professional development and education.

- Treat all children with respect, fairness, encouragement, and compassion and will encourage children to uphold these values in their interactions with others.

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